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3 Effective Ways To Make Your Air Conditioning More Energy Efficient

ac tune up naples flIf you've ever had to contact an air conditioning company for emergency repairs, you know how much you rely on your AC system. Trying to make it through the sometimes grueling summer heat in our tropical climate without a functioning air conditioner is unbearable at best.

If you take good care of your AC system, you're more likely to avoid emergency AC service calls. However, savvy homeowners also learn how to better use their cooling system to operate more energy-efficiently. If you want to cut cooling costs and have a greener household, it's time to learn some tricks of the trade from your local HVAC industry pros.

Making Your Air Conditioning Work Smarter

The smarter you are about how you use your AC unit, the more you'll see this reflected in your monthly cooling bills.

Check those filters
The filter is one of the least expensive parts of your cooling system, and changing them is one of the few tasks we recommend for DIY tasks. Yet, too many homeowners still neglect to clean or change their air filters as frequently as they should. Clean them every 30 days and change them every 60-90 days, more often during the summer heat peak.

Use ceiling fans
Homeowners who divide up the cooling work between their AC and their ceiling fans enjoy better comfort. Plus, if you make your air conditioner do less work, this lowers your energy costs and puts less strain on your system - and that means less costly repairs!

Switch to a smart thermostat
Homes with a smart thermostat in place can make adjustments from an app on their phone. Better control of your HVAC system will lower your heating and cooling costs.

At AMA Air Conditioning Services, we want to help families enjoy a comfortable and safe home. We offer the best services and industry tips to help you reduce repairs and increase your comfort and convenience. Call us when you need an expert air conditioning company in Naples, and feel confident that you're getting the best service possible.

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