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How To Get The Most From Your A/C This Summer

ac naples flSummer lasts for a really long time here in Naples, FL, so we need to get the most possible from our air conditioners.

If there's a way to avoid high cooling bills and breakdowns all while staying cool and comfortable, you want to know how.

AMA Air Conditioning Services in Naples wants to share a few tips on how you can save cooling energy, stay comfortable, and avoid breakdowns.

Get An Air Conditioning Tune-Up

During an air conditioning tune-up, your air conditioning contractor inspects and tests certain parts including the thermostat. Some parts adjusted, lubricated, and cleaned. This should be done for your air conditioner before it gets hot enough outside to turn it on.

A/C tune-ups will help you to avoid breakdowns and will help the equipment to run as efficiently as it can.

Install A Smart Thermostat

You've probably heard the advice to keep the thermostat set at one setting and don't change it all season to save energy? That's a myth — ask any cooling expert.

A smart thermostat can learn your preferred settings throughout the day and adjust the air conditioner as needed to keep you comfortable. While everyone's gone for the day, you'll be saving energy and then enjoy comfort when you're home.

Change The Air Filter Regularly

To understand why cooling experts always harp about changing the air filter, you can take an example from a dirty dryer filter.

If you never change the dryer filter, you'll wind up lint and dust inside the dryer and all inside the vent. Plus, the blocked filter cause the machine to run harder to pull air through.

The same is true for your air conditioner. Always make sure to change the filter every month and use quality filters, not cheap filters. Protect your equipment and it will last longer and break down less.

Inspect The Ductwork

Your ductwork should be inspected at some point for leaks. A lot of cooling energy is lost through

leaky ducts. Our air conditioning contractors can inspect the ductwork in your Naples home for leaks if you need help.

If you are looking for an air conditioning contractor in Naples, AZ or surrounding areas, please call 239-455-5010 or complete our online request form.